Services to supercharge your performance

Financial management

Having an iron grip on your finances is critical for a well-run professional services business.  As a fundamental part of onboarding we’ll audit the current financial state of the business, diagnose any development areas and work with you to map out an annual budget. And then set up processes and tools to manage your cashflow, expenses, revenue stream and profitability.

Business strategy and ongoing advice

If we’ve learned anything in recent years it’s that every business needs to be thinking about its next evolution, constantly. We’ll support you to set and achieve balanced objectives that will meet your ambitions for your business and add significant value to your team and clients.

Operational setup

Giving your team the right processes and technology to use are essential for the smooth running of any business. Through experience we know that setting up and improving your operations when you’re running a business is daunting and time consuming. What are the right processes, technology and training needed for your specific business? We will help guide you through what is important and urgent and where to invest your energy and money to make a real difference to HR, sales and marketing, production, financial management and culture.


Your people are your product, brand and culture. Without them you don’t have a business. Together we create a framework that aligns each role with the company mission, setting your team and new hires with clear expectations and direction to help them flourish in their careers and build your brand. Building teams and managing individuals expectations is an exhilarating but challenging journey. We’ll apply our extensive experience that has helped create, build and galvanise teams across Asia Pacific to help you do the same.

Products, services and project management

Delivering quality work, on time and with profit is essential. And having a clear set of core services is vital if you’re going to meet the needs of your customers. We’ll help you define, productise and operationalise what you do. This will enable you to diversify your offering, and understand how to plan and cost out business opportunities, hire against these needs as you grow, select the right suppliers, and put the right scheduling and project management processes and tools in place to manage multiple projects and clients efficiently. This is the foundation of any world class services business.

Sales and marketing

We have decades of experience working at the coal face of sales and marketing in agencies and consultancies. We know that bringing in enough business each month to keep your team in work can create a lot of anxiety. Often there is too little, or too much and there’s always the dreaded ‘cliff face’ in a few months time when work dries up. Faced with this we need to focus on making marketing more effective, sales more predictable and the resultant work more profitable, allowing you to sleep better at night.

Useful documents, processes and tools

We’ve amassed a powerful suite of essential, easy to use, business documents, processes and tools that are simple to implement and train your team on. These will allow your business to meet essential operational requirements. From pipeline processes, employment agreements, 360 reviews procedures, statements of work (SOWs), supplier agreements, annual budgets, resource and project management methods and more. These tools have been built from decades of experience working across the professional services industry, written in plain English, and can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.