A trajectory of success for businesses

Clear Hayes


In my career as a media journalist I saw a lot of agencies run by smart and talented people fail because of a simple lack of business acumen. I wanted to avoid the same mistake when setting up my consultancy.

So I asked Edwards & Co. to come and help. They act as a CFO, HR, mentor, counsel and sounding board when things get a little tough and we’re not sure what to do. They’ve given us the systems and processes we needed to scale quickly and handle major projects with some of the biggest businesses in the world.

With Stu and the team behind us I have peace of mind there are genuine experts who are looking out for our best interests and always have our back.

Alex Hayes
Founder and Principal Consultant

Bud Communications


Bud Communications has been working with Stuart for eight months now and in that time we’ve seen a radical transformation in the operations, strategy and overall performance of the business.

Taking stock of the fact that the last six months has been one of the most disruptive and precarious periods for small businesses, the fact that we have managed to double in size during that time is a testament to Bud gaining a highly experienced, analytical and driven business consultant.

The value that Edwards & Co provides Bud is extremely broad and dynamic depending on business priorities, from providing tools and methodologies to gain an intelligent visibility on business performance and planning, to enabling faster and more confident decision-making across myriad business challenges.

Not only that, working with Stu is highly enjoyable, rewarding and fun. We consider Stu a core component of Bud’s future growth strategy.

Oliver Budgen
Founder and Managing Director

The Carrot Collective


I am happy to recommend Stu as a business consultant for any organisation. His guidance was instrumental to set the foundations of my business. The Carrot Collective offers better virtual experiences, for a better world – and Stu’s comprehensive knowledge of the digital world has made a big difference, from building a solid framework, budget planning and profitability to work processes, contract management, vendor appointment system, and much more.

Stu is a terrific business consulting professional, as he knows how to put everyone at ease the moment he joins a conversation. He is diligent about collecting information and thorough in providing the right advice. Most importantly to us, Stu always indicates the practical applications his work has for our organization and future revenue generation. His professional insights and refined approach make his work extremely valuable.

Co-founder and Managing Partner